June 6, 2019

Episode 6

Building Businesses as a Marathon, not a Sprint, with Joe Teo

Joe Teo, CEO and Co-founder of HeyOrca, graduated from Memorial University and started a company focused on social media collaboration tools for marketing agencies. After raising $650,000, HeyOrca has gained rapid attention and has Microsoft Studio, Amazon and Saatchi as their clients. HeyOrca is a team of 22 full-time employees based in St.John’s, NL.

Joe Teo shares his transition from Malaysia to Canada and how he ended up starting a business in St. John's. He advises students to think outside of traditional jobs and focus on technology. He mentions how HeyOrca is helping marketing agencies to make better client-customer relationships. Joe has high hopes for software development in the province, telling us companies in Newfoundland and Labrador are able to deliver “world class software served with Newfoundland hospitality”.

Podcast Outline: