April 26, 2021

Episode 18

Aatif Baskenderi

Aatif Baskanderi, a Global NL award winner for the production of the acclaimed film “Salaam B’y”, provides us with a not often heard overview of the diversity experience growing up in Newfoundland and Labrador. Aatif's film is a profound lense through which one’s understanding of diversity today can be viewed. He gives us a interesting sense of how his life experience in education and work has lead him to now focus the establishment of the North Pine Foundation, an organization which dares to address some of the most difficult social issues in our Country. A core value in the definition and execution of this work can be seen on his Billboard “Be Kind”. Enjoy!

Podcast Outline:

1:45 Aatif describes growing up in Clarenville Newfoundland

2:19 GlobalNL award for “Salaam B’y”. Where did the idea come from?

7:25 Growing up Muslim in NL including Raymonds!

13:40 NL cultural diversity exposure/density

14:30 An emerging Racist/Right Wing sentiment in Nl - The role social media plays here.

16:30 “Agile Sincerity”

18:50 How do you stay connected with the Province and the role of “Radical Kindness”

21:40 Establishing Adult friend circles when moving from place to place

26:39 Building Community Network

27:52 Social Entrepreneurship Why/Why not

32:39 The World of Innovation and its challenges and integration of Social Science

40:57 Blue Ocean Groups - Elastic Innovation - People at the centre of the table

46:00 North Pine Foundation - A Startup Philanthropic Foundation - Focused on foster children, former prisoners, adult refugees, rural Nl and other compelling issues.

49:00 Foundation Partners - Private Tech Support

52:00 Validation of Value Proposition

53:00 Skepticism and Structural Mitigation

55:00 Global Nl - an approach to global connectivity a positive conduit

1:13:16 Aatif’s Billboard - “Be Kind”