October 14, 2020

Episode 15

Andrew Furey: “We have just scratched the surface”

Andrew leads us through an interesting summary of the impact the current global Covid 19 crisis has had on his personal and professional life. He shares his path to the field of medicine and the role that “Trauma in Baltimore” played in that journey. Discussions of “Dollar a Day” and “Team Broken Earth” provide interesting insights into what makes Andrew tick! Andrew also describes why he sees public life as a very important next step for him and lets us have an early look at his BillBoard “We Have Just Scratched The Surface”.

Podcast Outline:
  • 1:37 Covid 19 experience for Andrew and family - Children, Education resources, Professional adjustments, Global Influence
  • 9:20 Covid 19 inspired “Reverse Urbanization” with benefit for places like Newfoundland and Labrador
  • 12:08 The “Technology Space” potential in Newfoundland and Labrador CoLab - Verifin
  • 15:20 Why choose the Medical Field? Helping People
  • 19:20 Trauma Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland experience (living with violence and stress)
  • 29:36 “Dollar a Day” Mental Health focus - We all share the experience
  • 37:48 “Team Broken Earth” Where is it now? Where is it going?
  • 50:31 Public Life - Why? Being part of the solution to a very large problem
  • 53:46 Negativity and the “Value” of Twitter!
  • 56:55 NL’s - Silent Demographic Crisis! It touches everything.
  • 1:02:31 How can Global NL be part of the solution? “The great NL expat resource”
  • 1:04:53 Andrew’s BillBoard “We Have Just Scratched the Surface!”