March 22, 2020

Episode 11

Building a career in sustainability and climate change with Colin Powell

Colin describes his remarkable journey through post secondary education choices and early employment. His current professional focus with respect to the world of “Sustainability/Climate Change '' is fascinating. Colin's discussion of how financial and corporate interests have changed to reflect the new reality is enlightening. His perspective on the merits of Global NL are encouraging. Enjoy!

Podcast Outline:
  • 1:00 Introduction
  • 2:00 Why I went away for Post Graduate education choices?
  • 3:53 Current Employer Ernst & Young
  • 5:32 GreenHouse Gas Emissions Regulatory Setting
  • 8:07 Why choose Engineering (Significance of relationships along the way)
  • 15:23 Evolution of the “Sustainability Manager” position
  • 17:10 Recommendations as to how to approach entering a “sustainability” career
  • 23:13 Carbon Pricing Globally, Nationally, Provincially
  • 28:11 Newfoundland and Labrador “Carbon Tax” approach
  • 31:00 Muskrat Falls discussion
  • 37:40 The “Energy Efficiency” and the Boomerang Effect
  • 41:19 Why support Global NL?
  • 56:00 Summary Podcast message wrt “Sustainability/Climate Change”