November 12, 2020

Episode 16

Dr. Vianne Timmons: “Surround Yourself With People That Lift You Up”

Dr. Timmons leads us through a candid overview of her years growing up in Labrador and describes how this place shaped who she is. The strength of the Labrador community shines through in her discussion. The journey which led her to become Memorial’s president is wrought with this sense of community and early efforts to visit the communities of this Province are impressive. Dr. Timmons’ energy in support of defining and enabling the University’s place in supporting the future of this Province is palpable, while acknowledging the realities of a post Covid world. Vianne’s Billboard will “Lift You UP”. Enjoy the chat, perhap will find your “Tee Shirt”. Thank you Gary Bradshaw!

Podcast Outline:
  • 1:11 GlobalNl Introduction and Overview
  • 4:21 Growing up in Labrador and its lasting effects
  • 8:19 Motivation/Process followed to apply and become MUN President
  • 11:14 The importance of Reaching-Out early to all areas of the Province
  • 16:30 Memorial’s key asset - It’s People
  • 18:50 Memorials’ Biggest challenge going forward (outside of Covid)
  • 20:48 The University’s tool box which supports positive growth for the Province
  • 20:25 How Memorial nurtures the education experience with a broad array supports
  • 31:50 Covid’s lasting impact on Memorial
  • 37:04 Vianne’s Billboard “Surround Yourself With People That Lift You Up”
  • 39:46 How can GlobalNL be of greater assistance “Stay Engaged”