February 26, 2021

Episode 17

Local Tech Spotlight: InspectAR "Architecting for Flexibilit

This episode will be a discussion between Jeremy Andrews, and Liam and Matt of InspectAR’s technology uses AR to overlay Printed Circuit Board designs directly onto the circuit board, allowing you to inspect, debug, rework, and assemble PCBs in less time, without mistakes or frustration. In 2020, InspectAR was acquired by Cadence Design Systems, the market leader in Electronic Design Automation software and services.

Podcast Outline:

1:32 - Meet the founders

3:00 - InspectAR’s technology in their own words

6:25 - How did you come to start InspectAR?

10:30 - User Traction and Product Focus

12:20 - How do you balance your vision vs user feedback?

15:38 - What’s been your biggest challenge to date?

18:21 - What’s been the most fun part?

20:45 - What support have you gotten from the local tech/entrepreneurship ecosystem?

22:58 - What does the future hold?