May 3, 2021

Episode 19

Local Tech Spotlight: Prospre “A Growing Entrepreneurial Mentality at Memorial”

In the second episode of our new segment “Local Tech Spotlight”, Jeremy talks wita St. John’s Startup developing a mobile app that allows you to easily build customized meal plans that take your personal preferences and nutritional goals into account.

Jonathan and Colin frogive us a peek inside the early days of starting a technology company in Newfoundland and Labrador. We discuss the success they’ve had to date, and how a growing entrepreneurship mentality at Memorial University is helping aspiring entrepreneurs overcome the fear of getting started.

Podcast Outline:

1:30 - Can you tell us about Prospre in your own words?

3:00 - Where’d you get the idea?

4:35 - What came first? Entrepreneurship or the idea?

5:15 - Entrepreneurship mentality at MUN

9:45 - Product and Traction

15:55 - What’s been your biggest challenge?

19:50 - What’s the next big thing for Prospre?