July 7, 2020

Episode 14

The Importance of Connections with Nathan Young

Nathan describes the amazing value of Connections in a person's life.  His Connections have taken him through the sporting world with national and international success, including olympic gold. He shares his view of  the path forward being led by the principle of “believing in yourself” as the primary component whether it is in respect of sport, education or work. Nathan also gives us a little insight into his early fascination with the investing world and his intention to continue to pursue it. He is focused on a path forward that includes near term and long term sporting goals along with continued interest in the mysteries of the business world. He sees the value of Connections to be critical to success. A very interesting episode with a bright young man, with an even brighter future. Enjoy!

Podcast Outline:
  • 1:11 COVID-19 influence and worries for high school graduates
  • 3:55 Online University and the upcoming year
  • 5:32 Curling and the 2020 Youth Olympics
  • 8:10 Team Canada - team building and leadership
  • 10:56 Olympic takeaway “believe in yourself”
  • 13:59 The imposter syndrome
  • 16:25 Olympic experience
  • 20:46 Gold medal win
  • 22:22 Curling outlook, short and long term
  • 24:14 The “Gushue effect”
  • 24:57 Newfoundlands potential for tech and diversification
  • 28:16 How GlobalNL can contribute - mentorship and storytelling
  • 32:28 Investing and Warren Buffett interest at 12 years old
  • 37:31 Nathan’s Billboard
  • 41:44 Questions for Global NL