June 3, 2021

Episode 20

Tim Powers: “Stay Strong”

Tim Powers shares his journey, including some ups and downs, from deep roots in Newfoundland and Labrador to a life and career at the “Centre”. Tim’s vision of the future direction of this country in strategic areas including a post Covid world and Carbon Pricing is very interesting. He is always led by his mother's sage advice, which is to “Never Get Too Big For Your Britches”. Enjoy the listen it will surprise and entertain you and if you ever get a chance to visit with Tim in Ottawa, don’t forget to bring the Black Horse and/or Jockey!

Podcast Outline:

0:20 GlobalNL Introduction and Overview

3:27 Growing up in Newfoundland, how it shaped you

8:06 Lobbyist role - Secret Sauce

10:24 Storytelling and how important it is

13:08 Covid and Canadian Politics - Mental Health - Money - Family

18:25 Data Management and Politics - Abacus Data

24:10 Where is the optimism/pessimism in the future of Newfoundland

30:11 Climate Change - Carbon Pricing

35:49 Mental Health

42:06 Rugby - Outlet - Friendships - Validations - Mental Strength - World Cup game NL

45:35 How can the GlobalNL community help the Province

47:22 Tim’s Billboard “Stay Strong”